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Lysandre is a character appears in Pokémon X and Y and is the leader of Team Flare. He is also the descendant of the AZ's younger brother and an old friend of Professor Sycamore. Lysandre at first seems to be a kind hearted man who sees the beauty in everything. But as the game goes on you find out that Lysandre is so obsessed with keeping beauty in the world that he is willing to exterminate all pokemon so that they cannot be used to harm or steal from anybody. He also aims to committ mass genocide against everybody that is not a member of Team Flare. He does show that he does not think that this is the just path by crying when he has to think about killing all of the pokemon in the world, but goes on with the plan anyway so that he can have a better life in the long run.

The player first meets Lysandre in Professor Sycamore's lab in Lumiose City, and then later in Café Soleil where he is seen talking to Diantha about her acting career. After his, he spots the player and either Calem or Serena depending on the player's gender, where he speaks about his dream about a beautiful world.

Following this, Lysandre doesn't reappear until much later, after the player has defeated Clemont for his or her fifth Badge. This time, he speaks about the king of Kalos who nearly vaporized all life in the region 3,000 years ago by usage of a weapon. He also speaks about Xerneas'sX/Yveltal'sY role in the creation of the weapon, as well as their role in the creation of life and death as a whole.

Lysandre then appears after the player has received his or her seventh Badge. At this point, it is revealed through his Holo Caster message that he is the leader of Team Flare, and that he plans to use the weapon which he spoke about earlier in order to eliminate anyone not part of Team Flare, including all Pokémon. The player later confronts Lysandre in person at the lab beneath his café, where he is battled and defeated. Unfortunately, this does not stop Xerosic, one of his admins, from unleashing the weapon on Kalos.

Lysandre is later battled again at the site of the ultimate weapon in Geosenge Town. Here, the player defeats Lysandre once again. He challenges the player to travel deeper into the Team Flare Secret HQ to stop the weapon despite his belief that it is already too late, but multiple members of Team Flare are waiting in ambush on the lower floors. After defeating them all, the player reaches Xerneas or Yveltal. The legendary Pokémon is then battled and caught by the player, seemingly disabling the weapon. Lysandre returns, having augmented his body with cybernetic attachments and a visor similar to those worn by his followers, and declares that he will take the legendary Pokémon back and complete his plan. Now wielding a Mega Ring of his own, he engages the player in a final battle. After being defeated for the third and final time, Lysandre attempts to force immortality on the player and their friendsX/destroy everyone in the buildingY and fires the ultimate weapon using what little power still remains. The blast from the weapon destroys it and buries Lysandre and the HQ under rubble. As a result, Team Flare disbands.

Both mun and muse are over 18.
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